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Halifax is the vibrant, prosperous capital of the East Coast. With low business costs, a highly educated workforce, our ocean advantage, and thriving industry sectors means Halifax provides all of the right ingredients for businesses to succeed and grow. 

For more information on Halifax's economy and progress to date, download the 2018 Halifax Index.

Industry Sectors

Halifax has one of the most diverse economies in Canada with a number of strong industries: 

Financial Services 

Halifax is the regional headquarters of Canada’s largest banks and has 1,100 firms in the finance, insurance and real estate sector, which employ 16,000 people.

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IT, Gaming & Interactive Media

Some of the world's most recognizable IT companies are based in Halifax. They span a number of industries and include IBM, CGI, Citco, and DHX Media.

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Halifax is Canada's Ocean City - a leading hub for ocean technology, science and education, defence, and energy. Halifax has expertise in ocean tech acoustics; sensors and instruments; tidal energy; shipbuilding; and marine defence and security.

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Transportation and Logistics 

Halifax in an international gateway to the world - by road, rail, air, and sea. 

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Health & Life Sciences

As a regional hub with major research centres and a vibrant post-secondary sector, Halifax offers key strengths in medical technology, digital health, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, natural health products, and bioproducts.

Halifax Health & Life Sciences Sector Profile


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