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With a strategic location on North America's east coast, the ocean-related focus of its universities and community college, and the depth of its science-based workforce, it’s no surprise Halifax is a world leader in ocean science and business. 

Halifax is home to world-renowned ocean research institutions Dalhousie University and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and hundreds of ocean researchers, companies and innovators who are engaged in ocean science and observation, ocean technology development, fisheries and aquaculture, shipbuilding and marine transportation, marine defence and security, and offshore and coastal energy.


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With 7,579 kilometres of coastline, Nova Scotia is home to more than 450 oceans-related PhDs, 200 companies and 60 high tech innovators. Learn more about what the ocean has provided us. 

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Nova Scotia has long been a central hub for education, with many prominent schools calling Halifax home and providing businesses with an endless stream of new talent.

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With an estimated $3 trillion in annual global market value of ocean-related goods and services, dive deeper and see why Nova Scotia is the place to grow your business.

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