#HireMeHalifax Helps Young Talent Find Employment in Halifax

August 15, 2018

In March, over 200 young professionals and business leaders gathered for #HireMeHalifax 2018, an opportunity for businesses to connect with some of Halifax’s top young talent. At the event, ten finalists from the #HireMeHalifax pitch competition presented themselves live to the businesses in the room.

This event is part of the Game Changers Youth Retention Action Plan, which aims to reduce the net annual average outmigration of youth (ages 20-29) in Nova Scotia from -1,300 to zero by 2019. Through the Game Changers #HireMeHalifax competition, students and recent grads pitch their talents to potential employers, and the business community contributes by helping retain these youth in Halifax and Nova Scotia. It’s a win-win for everyone!

With seven post-secondary institutions in Halifax, there is a constant pipeline of educated youth who are ready to enter the workforce every year. We need these youth to stay here to ensure a prosperous future for our region. In order to provide meaningful opportunities for young talent in Halifax, businesses and community members need to work together to support growth and foster innovation for the next generation.

It’s been a few months since #HireMeHalifax and we are seeing the impact: student and recent graduate attendees are being hired as a result of connections made during the event.

Here’s what three #HireMeHalifax event attendees had to say:

“I received a job as a direct result of the #HireMeHalifax event. During the event, I met an Inside Sales Rep from Arrow Electronics. Thanks to our conversation I was included in the hiring process for Arrow's Halifax office. This start grew from an interview to a job offer at Arrow Advantage.”
John Hauser Enriquez

“#HireMeHalifax played a major role for me in getting hired by TD. I was recruited by the District Vice President himself. This led me towards landing a Financial Services Representative position without any previous banking experience.”
- Lorenzo Gallardo, #HireMeHalifax competition finalist

“I met a recruiter for ADP at the #HireMeHalifax event after I had already applied to a position there. He recognized my name on the tag. He called me back later that week for an interview and I received an offer for the position of Financial Service Representative after only a week.”
- Guillaume Delisle

Everyone has a role to play in making Halifax a great place for young talent to live and work.

For more information about #HireMeHalifax and a full list of finalists, click here.