#HireMeHalifax: Top 3 Tips to Nail Your Elevator Pitch

February 25, 2019

Once again this year, the Halifax Partnership is hosting the #HireMeHalifax pitch competition. If you’re a post-secondary student or recent graduate, you can grab your smartphone and film your best elevator pitch for a chance to get noticed by Halifax employers and win up to $1,000.

Mastering your elevator pitch is important in the professional world. Whether it’s during an interview or a networking event, you will often encounter opportunities to sell yourself – and you should always be prepared to do so. An elevator pitch is a brief summary of your background and experience. If you found yourself in an elevator with the CEO of your dream company, it’s what you would say to convince them that you should be their next hire before you reach the next floor. It’s brief, punchy, memorable, and unique to you. It’s your own personal sales pitch.

It may seem difficult to make an impression in only 30 seconds, but you’d be surprised by what you can do. If you’re considering submitting a video for #HireMeHalifax, here are three tips to make your pitch stand out.

Practice Makes Perfect

A good pitch takes time to create – winging your video is never a good idea. Preparation is key to success. Make sure you read the rules and know what to include. When starting to think about your pitch, sit down and write out your main ideas. Add transitions and edit until it flows nicely. Once you have written your script, practice reading it out loud. Stand in front of a mirror as you practice to ensure it sounds and looks natural. You want your pitch to be conversational, not robotic. Most importantly, time it to make sure you are under the 30 second mark.

Show, Don’t Tell

Thirty seconds isn’t very long. It’s easy to fill up that time with a list of your best qualities. But it’s not enough to just tell an employer your strengths, it’s important to back them up with supporting evidence. Don’t just tell us that you’re hard working or organized, show us through specific examples. Do you have experience volunteering with a community organization or event? Did you work full-time while in school? Whatever it is, you can prove your value through your specific achievements and experience. Employers want to know what you can offer them, and what will make you an asset to their organization. Show them.

Be Professional, Be Yourself

This is a pitch that has the potential to be seen by Halifax’s top employers, so it should be professional. However, don’t let that stifle your creativity – the judges and employers alike want to see what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and interests. Show employers that you are someone they want to work with – positive, energetic, and passionate about what you do. Do you have a background as an athlete? Maybe you play piano? Are you passionate about cooking? Don’t be afraid to weave in what makes you different. It will make you stand out.

When it comes to making a great pitch, there is no one right way to do it. Highlight your experience, your skills, and your ambitions. If you need some inspiration, check out some of the stand-out pitches from previous years.

Good luck, and happy pitching!