GAME CHANGERS: 2017 Best Super Connector Winner Profile

November 8, 2017

Shelagh McCorry, HSBC Bank Canada


Shelagh McCorry - webThe 2017 Game Changers Awards Gala recognized exceptional Halifax businesses and Connectors who hire youth, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities and inspire others to take action in retaining youth. This year’s gala took place on October 30. Nine awards were presented, and Shelagh McCorry was a recipient of the Best Super Connector Award.

Since joining as a Connector in 2013, Shelagh has met with ten Connectees, including three in the past year. Shelagh consistently keeps in touch with Connectees from years ago, and invites them to join her at networking events. Shelagh is dedicated, enthusiastic and truly embodies what it means to be a Connector.


Why are you a Connector? (Why are you so involved in the Connector Program?)  

"I became a Connector because I had the pleasure of meeting Isaac Mbaziira who was from Uganda, and while we bonded over my aunt having lived there as well, he told me about the program. I had just left work at a hedge fund company where I had several young colleagues from many different countries. These young professionals were the best part about working at the organization. Connectees bring such a fresh and vibrant perspective to the workplace, and they appreciate diversity, which is crucial to a company. Being able to give these people a chance to network and connect with other professionals can make all the difference in helping them stay in Nova Scotia." 


Can you share a specific success story or talk about one of your standout Connector/Connectee relationships/experiences? 

"One particularly outstanding Connectee, Miranda, came to Halifax from Zimbabwe. She is one of the several Connectees I still keep in touch with years later. We went to a financial industry social at Gahan House and worked the room together. We kept in touch, and I recommended her to people I knew. She put herself out there on LinkedIn and Career Beacon. I helped assess her resume, and let her bounce ideas off my friends and I. She has a very good job now and is working on completing her Chartered Financial Analyst."


What advice do you have for recent graduates?

"Be confident, but always be genuine. Don’t be afraid to try something different, for example, sending a handwritten thank you note to stand out from the pack. Research the people or company in depth before a meeting or call. Have a well-informed opinion about organizations you are looking to work with, not just what’s on the company website."


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