A Global Business Based in Halifax: VERB Interactive

October 19, 2017

Andy MacLellan - VERB Interactive - webDriven by their creative take on how to partner with clients and deliver innovative work, two Dalhousie grads started VERB Interactive 13 years ago. For Andy MacLellan, President and Halifax native, it all seemed to click. Starting a business in this vibrant, creative city and being able to work with the best clients around the world was the perfect mix. 


“We didn’t want to have an agency that was traditional,” says Andy. “We wanted to create an agency that was unlike any other.” 


VERB is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the tourism and hospitality industry. They work primarily with international clientele as well as some large Canadian businesses. Around 98% of their revenue comes from outside Canada; the United States is a primary market, along with the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. 


“It’s really exciting for our team to be here in Halifax and working with someone in California or the Bahamas to help them tell their story,” said Stephanie McGrath, Senior Director of Content Marketing. “VERB takes the fundamentals of traditional marketing and applies them to a digital environment to serve clients around the world.”


Doing business in Halifax offers an experience like no other, giving the opportunity for clients to visit, eat, drink and explore. Everyone who works at VERB is passionate about their work, and truly care about their clients. They claim that this is a key factor in their success. The personal connections they can build with clients from around the world is the foundation of their incredible reputation in the industry. 


“We are all from the Maritimes, we have that charm, and our clients respond to that. It’s what makes us stand out from the big city agencies. It’s what makes us unique,” says Stephanie.


The team is currently working on a project that will change the way people book travel online. Moving away from the traditional technology that is used by every hospitality booking website, they are taking cues from fashion and social media to create a more integrated shopping experience. This will allow VERB to get to know the customer, and then give them what they want before they ask for it.


VERB’s focus on client relations and innovative thinking maybe what sets them apart from competitors, but it’s not their only outlier. They also believe their access to talent greatly aids in their success. 


“A large part of the reason Halifax is a great place to do business is that we have the opportunity to pull talent right out of the universities and colleges. There is a lot of creative talent in this city,” Andy explains.


 TeamContent-4 - web


VERB thrives on creative fresh thinking, and their high number of youth employees makes this possible. The average age for employees is 28, many joining the team as new graduates from NSCC, University of King’s College and Dalhousie. 

“This is where we grew up, this is where there is young fresh talent. Because our business is all digital, it has allowed us to stay here in Halifax and pull from the local talent who are passionate about their work, and who are passionate about this city,” says Andy. 


As for VERB’s future plans, Andy says the company is expanding its office space to include a third floor of their building. The company is also opening an office on the west coast, and setting up a satellite office in the United States by the end of the year.