Clothesline Media: Telling Real Stories about Real People

December 13, 2018
Clothesline Media Demo Reel 2018 from Clothesline Media on Vimeo.


Clothesline Media was founded three years ago by former journalists Jayson Taylor and Deborah Clarke to grow their passion for storytelling. “We were telling stories as journalists, and we continue to tell stories now,” says Jayson.

“Our very first client was the Halifax Partnership. They showed trust and belief in us for which we will be always grateful. It was an amazing way to launch our company,” says Deborah. “We have a lot to show off in Nova Scotia, and we love to do it.”

The company’s name comes from Jayson’s earliest memory of where his love for storytelling came from: hanging clothes on the clothesline with his mom, where, as per tradition, people would tell stories to each other. Even their logo is his mother’s cursive writing. “Some of the most well-known news in the ‘60s were told over the clothesline,” says Jayson.

The Clothesline team loves to connect with people and communities to find out what their story is, and how to communicate it to the world. “I truly believe that it’s a gift. Every time somebody trusts us to tell their story, I pinch myself,” says Jayson.

One story they have been passionate about telling over the past three years is the benefits of hiring young talent. For many years, more recent graduates and young professionals were leaving Nova Scotia to live in other provinces than were coming here. Clothesline believes that Halifax is one of the best places for young talent because of the work-life balance the city offers. Their passion for retaining youth in our city is why they sponsor the Game Changers Youth Retention Action Plan and are a committed creative partner for the campaign.

“We need to make sure that we provide opportunities for our young graduates and are able to build a clear roadmap from school to working at our local businesses,” says Jayson.

“More experienced employees have a lot to learn from young people, and young people have a lot to learn from them. And, if you put them in an environment where there are mutual levels of respect, excellence blooms,” says Deborah.

The Clothesline team sees the Game Changers goal of net 0 youth outmigration for Nova Scotia by 2019 as the starting point. After reaching this goal, it’s about attracting young talent and making sure our city and region have the skilled workforce to drive business and economic growth.

“Halifax has a great entrepreneurial spirit. We couldn’t be happier to become entrepreneurs here in Halifax. It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made for me and my family,” says Jayson.