GAME CHANGERS: Kent Lane wins 2018 Best Super Connector Award

January 4, 2019

Kent Lane, Director of Corporate Affairs at CBCL Limited, was the recipient of one of two Best Super Connector Awards at the 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala.

Since becoming a Connector in 2014, Kent has met with 16 Connectees, including seven in the past year. Kent has been an unwavering supporter of the Connector Program and new engineers. His leadership has been widely recognized among Halifax’s engineering community.

Why are you a Connector?
The Halifax Partnership provides a unique opportunity for business leaders to offer sage advice that can ultimately steer Connectees toward meaningful and relevant careers in Halifax. The Partnership has created an awesome networking program that truly works. Even if a Connector cannot help directly, he or she gets the opportunity to assist participants with further referrals. It is a very fulfilling process that, in the end, supports the economic, social and cultural growth of our region.

Can you share one of your standout Connector-Connectee experiences?

Recently, and for the first time after connecting with many Connectees, I finally had the opportunity to interview a young man for a position at CBCL. It was a very interesting situation and one I was looking forward to. Like all competitions, there is only one winner, and he was a solid second candidate given the slate of individuals that applied. I was very proud that he ranked so well and even more proud of how he took the response. Solid young man.

What advice do you have for recent graduates?

Be persistent. Listen, learn, engage, and build a network of colleagues, mentors, and friends in the community. I am always amazed at the talented people I meet with in the Connector Program. Never be discouraged, always be positive, and be courageous in talking about your experience, skills, and talent.

The Game Changers Awards recognize exceptional Halifax businesses and Connectors that hire youth, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities and connect young professionals to opportunities in their field. The 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala took place on October 17. Nine awards were presented.

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