GAME CHANGERS: NATIONAL Public Relations wins Best Connector Organization Award

January 8, 2019

NATIONAL Public Relations, a Canada-wide and international public relations firm, was the recipient of the Best Connector Organization Award at the 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala. The 13 active Connectors at NATIONAL’s Halifax location have met with 17 Connectees in the past year.
Tara Wickwire, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy at NATIONAL, shares her thoughts on the Connector Program and how being involved has benefitted the company.

What is the biggest benefit of being involved in the Connector Program for your business?

There are so many reasons why being involved in the Connector Program provides value to NATIONAL. Being a Connector Organization allows us to engage with recent graduates and newcomers who are curious about the opportunities here, who are bringing fresh perspectives to our market, and who share a passion about living and thriving in our region. Not only are we leveraging our resources to help this talent kick-start their careers in Halifax, the Connector Program allows our team to expand their network into the next generation of bright young minds.

What is the talent pool like in Halifax?

In Halifax, we are experiencing a lovely moment in time where we are retaining more international students than ever before. I believe through the power of making compelling connections and the use of social media, more young people are realizing the benefits of living here. More youth are choosing to stay and move here for the exceptional lifestyle.

With seven post-secondary institutions, a steady flow of young talent is always at our city’s fingertips. The capabilities and perspectives of our youth can go toe-to-toe with any other larger urban market.

What would you say to an employer or organization that is considering getting involved in the Connector Program?
It goes without saying, at NATIONAL, we are huge advocates of the Connector Program. Beyond the benefits of recruiting talent, we owe it to recent graduates and newcomers to help them build their networks and make connections to foster growth and creativity. As Connectors, together we can show youth and newcomers how they can help Halifax prosper in a meaningful way and be professionally enriched here in Nova Scotia.

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The Game Changers Awards recognize exceptional Halifax businesses and Connectors that hire youth, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities and connect young professionals to opportunities in their field. The 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala took place on October 17. Nine awards were presented.

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