GAME CHANGERS: SimplyCast wins Experiential Learning Award, Small Business Category

December 10, 2018

SimplyCast, a leading provider of interactive and multi-channel communication software for organizations worldwide, was recognized as the winner of the Experiential Learning Award, Small Business Category at the 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala.

Connor Ryan

SimplyCast provides students with the opportunity to tell the team where they see themselves in 3-5 years and how SimplyCast can help them achieve their goals and dreams. They have offered 48 experiential learning opportunities in the past three years.

Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of 
SimplyCast, shares how experiential learning
students have benefitted the company.

                                                                                                 Connor Ryan, a current co-op student at SimplyCast, accepted the                                                                                                   award on the company's behalf.

What has been the biggest benefit of hiring students for your business?


The biggest benefit of hiring students at SimplyCast is the amount of knowledge and fresh ideas students contribute to the team. We find that hiring students from diverse backgrounds allows the team to gain skills and to better collaborate on projects.


Hiring students allows SimplyCast to improve its best practices and gives us a chance to work with a student before offering them a full-time position. We find students that have worked with our team during school and return to SimplyCast on a full-time basis are more likely to be part of the team for five or more years.


Hiring students has made SimplyCast the company it is today, which is one of the best benefits anyone can ask for!

What is something you have learned from your students?

We have learned to be a flexible employer in terms of how teams are managed. We prefer to treat our students like any full-time employee and allow them to manage their workload and provide ideas on how to improve the project they are working on. Students have also shown us that they want to lead projects, because it adds more value to their time here. Students have taught us that having an open space allows for a creative workforce and better team collaboration. Every student we hire teaches our team something new, which is why hiring students adds so much value to a company.

How does your company take advantage of the many post-secondary institutions in Halifax?

We attend career fairs that are hosted by these great post-secondary institutions. We have found great talent at these fairs who are still working at SimplyCast. We also reach out to co-op and employment offices to let them know about opportunities within our team. We also speak at post-secondary events to recruit students to join our team.

The Game Changers Awards recognize exceptional Halifax businesses and Connectors that hire youth, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities and connect young professionals to opportunities in their field. The 2018 Game Changers Awards Gala took place on October 17. Nine awards were presented.

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