Gaming industry poised for further growth in Halifax, Nova Scotia

December 16, 2014

Nova Scotia's digital media tax credit is helping to attract gaming companies to the region, bolstering business in Halifax especially.

Last month alone, Karma Gaming International signed a five-year payroll rebate agreement with the province and Athens, Greece-based gaming company Vesuvius Media moved its operations to Halifax.

With job creation, everyone wins

Karma Gaming has the potential to earn up to $381,000 in payroll rebates if it creates 36 new jobs within a five-year period, including two full-time positions in the first year, The Canadian Press reported.

The company's website details what it is looking for in a new employee: "One of those people who thinks differently and aims for the unexpected … [aspires] for greatness and [enjoys] working in a close, collaborative environment." A love of gaming is, of course, a must.

Vesuvius Media's arrival is no Trojan horse

According to Global News Canada, husband and wife team Stefani Angelopoulos and Konstantine Maros of Vesuvius Media decided to open up shop in Halifax after a family vacation opened their eyes to the booming gaming industry in the region.

"We could see that there was this growing game community here and it was very inspiring and we wanted to become a part of it," said Angelopoulos, as quoted by the news source.

Manos also acknowledged the local gaming community, noting that the prevalence of gaming studios with branches in Halifax was "like going to a conference, but I have them 24/7 here," according to the media outlet.

In a separate interview with the Chronicle Herald, Manos outlined what the company hoped to gain from operating within the province.

"We are looking forward to becoming a member of the growing game development community here in Nova Scotia and exploring new partnerships," he said, as quoted by the Herald. 

Gaming industry growth set to continue

According to Global News Canada, although it can't quite yet be called a major industry in Canada, the gaming sector in Halifax has been expanding in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so.

"The fact that these are very high paying jobs [is] a great way to attract and retain young people in the province," Stephen Hilchey, director of gaming and interactive media at Nova Scotia Business Inc., told the news source.

Currently, between 400 and 500 people are employed by the industry across the province, and the digital media tax credit is spurring local hiring even further, which bodes well for the sector's future.


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