Halifax Index: Haligonians enjoy high quality of life

July 22, 2015

According to the most recent edition of the Halifax Partnership's Halifax Index, Haligonians' life satisfaction was higher than that of individuals living in the five other Canadian cities used as benchmarks for comparison.

The Index's "Quality of Place" section revealed that there are a number of contributors to the high quality of life experienced by many Halifax residents, including:

  • High employment in the realms of sport, recreation, art and culture
  • Above-average mental and physical health, and lower-than-average smoking rates
  • A 49 percent reduction in crime since 2004, culminating in an all-time low in 2013, according to Statistics Canada's Total Crime Severity Index
  • A personal income per capita rate of $42,121 in 2014, slightly higher than the national average
  • A "very strong" or "somewhat strong" sense of community belonging among 67.2 per cent of residents in 2013

"Numerous annual events improve Halifax's economy and
quality of place."

Each year, numerous events improve the Nova Scotia capital's quality of place, not to mention its economy. June's Halifax Greek Fest, July's Halifax Jazz Festival and September's Atlantic Film Festival are just three examples. As we reported earlier this year, January's In the Dead of Winter Music Festival brought nearly 30 artists to venues in Halifax's North End, including The Seahorse Tavern and The Company House.

"[Festivals] can attract a lot of tourists, and they draw out a lot of the people living in Halifax," Martha Radice, a social anthropologist at Dalhousie University, told Halifax Magazine. "And that brings money back to the businesses in the area."

Take the Halifax International Busker Festival as an example. The event, which attracts between 50,000 and 80,000 visitors daily, offers free admission but still generates considerable revenue for local businesses, according to the news source.

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