Halifax offers the right ingredients for DU NORD SKIN CARE

August 14, 2018

Only 30 minutes from the downtown core of Halifax, the beautiful and rugged landscape and biodiverse flora of Ketch Harbour inspired DU NORD SKIN CARE to come to life. Founded by research and based on northern botanicals, DU NORD SKIN CARE produces a luxury, natural and eco-responsible skin care line.

“DU NORD SKIN CARE really could not have come into being anywhere other than Halifax,” says Ursula Snyder, Founder/Director. “After establishing the idea and beginning research and development, I received outstanding and unexpected support. People not only offered to test my product, but also provided strong support to see my products get to market.”

Leveraging her scientific background with a PhD in molecular biology of photosynthesis and DNA/protein interactions from Brown University, Ursula launched her business in 2017.  Each product features northern plant extracts historically used by Indigenous peoples combined with new northern plant-based ingredients from innovative and eco-responsible processing technologies.

“When I started my business, people in the community truly wanted to help some way or another – and I don’t think this was particular to me,” says Ursula. “The people in this city have been collectively creating a growing positive attitude about what Halifax and its residents are capable of. We are creating a place and a corresponding mindset for inhabitants that embraces creativity, innovation, eco-responsibility, and business, especially small business. I cannot underemphasize how important this attitude has been for my business to grow.”

Halifax’s competitive business assets of talent, location and cost have helped to propel her business forward.

  • Its wealth of post-secondary institutions and strength as a centre for world-class research helped her in the research and development phases.
  • With Halifax’s strategic location and international Port of Halifax and Halifax Stanfield, supplies can move efficiently from international markets.
  • Halifax’s excellent urban and rural lifestyle mean Ursula can easily commute from her rural home to the downtown core.

“I live a 15 minute drive from the most beautiful beaches and parks in Nova Scotia. I can walk 20 minutes from my home to the coast and drive 30 minutes to reach downtown. Hard to beat that.”

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