Halifax Taking a Lead in World Energy

December 1, 2015

 On October 28th, 2015 Mayor Mike Savage was elected President of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP). The WECP is a partnership of 19 of the World’s leading energy cities. Halifax has been a member of the organization for over ten years.

The broad WECP membership fosters informed global policy development and robust economic growth in many industry sectors. Energy brings us together, but all cities are interested and want diversification in their economies.

Cities within the WECP are supported by economic development organizations similar to the Halifax Partnership. With our public-private model, we have the unique capability of “super leveraging” the WECP membership.

Bringing together local industry

Not only are we collaborating with other WECP cities, the Halifax Partnership works closely with our business community, industry associations in this region including Maritimes Energy Association, the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia and the Halifax Gateway and the Province of Nova Scotia to inform and leverage industry about opportunities for business and collaboration. Timing for Halifax and Nova Scotia couldn’t be better as we work together to leverage projects like Exxon’s Sable Offshore, Maritimes Northeast natural gas pipelines, and the $2B+ that Shell and BP will be spending. As well, Halifax has welcomed Statoil’s presence in our offshore.

The Halifax Partnership’s role within the WECP is multi-faceted, with a key priority to support Mayor Mike Savage as President. Nancy Phillips, Director Investment and Trade, will also become the Chair of the WECP working group made up of 19 organizations like the Halifax Partnership from the other cities. Halifax will also be involved with the communications and finance committees. As part of the Partnership’s role, Nancy will work in close collaboration with the WECP Secretariat which is headquartered in Houston Texas.

Showcasing our oceans expertise

As Halifax’s economic development organization, the Partnership will leverage the WECP to create opportunities to promote our city as a leader in sectors beyond energy, for instance, WECP opens opportunities for our oceans sector. Combined, Halifax has over 260 ocean-related and high-tech companies based in Nova Scotia and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography alone has 600 scientists, and engineers, while both Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Community College add significant research capacity and training.

As Halifax continues to grow and diversify its oceans cluster, the WECP membership enables us to share our expertise in defence, ocean technology, shipbuilding, and research in cities that also make a living from their location on the world’s oceans. In return, the WECP provides key contacts and new opportunities for exposure and warm introductions in cities where we can learn and collaborate.

The WECP is a partnership that supports trade and investment between their markets. It is a tangible example of how the Halifax Partnership is leveraging international relationships and punching way above its weight

Upcoming Opportunities and Activities

Business Mission to Aberdeen, Scotland week of April 18, 2016. Managed by the Halifax Partnership and led by Mayor Mike Savage.

WECP Member Cities:

  • Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Atyrau, Kazakhstan
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Daqing, China
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Dongying, China
  • Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Halifax, Canada
  • Houston, USA
  • Karamay, China
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Luanda, Angola
  • Perth, Australia
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • St. John’s, Canada
  • Stavanger, Norway
  • Villahermosa, Mexico

This post was written by:

Nancy Phillips
Director Business Development
Chair of the Officer’s Committee, World Energy Cities Partnership