Halifax’s growing businesses move toward Ivany Report goals

November 4, 2015

Halifax is a primary hub of economic activity in the Atlantic Canadian region. In February of last year, the One Nova Scotia Coalition released the Ivany Report, which listed 19 recommendations to help improve socioeconomic conditions in Nova Scotia. Here are several companies doing business in Halifax that have truly taken the recommendations to heart:

Maritime Travel

As one of Canada’s largest independently owned travel companies, the Halifax-headquartered Maritime Travel enjoyed year-over-year growth of 9 per cent in 2014, landing the No. 13 spot on Progress Magazine’s 2014 list of the top 101 companies in Atlantic Canada.
Relevant Ivany Report recommendation: Expansion of tourism.

Fisherman’s Market International

According to its website, global seafood exporter Fisherman’s Market International will send wholesale shipments of almost any kind of seafood found in North Atlantic waters “to any airport in the world.” It was ranked 40th on Progress Magazine’s list.
Relevant Ivany Report recommendation: Doubling the value of exports from fisheries.


Nova Scotian seafood is world-renowned, making it a major export of the province.

Atlantic Motor Labs

After earning both his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Dalhousie University, Braden Murphy founded Halifax-based Atlantic Motor Labs, an engineering company that specializes in turbomachinery. With the support of Dalhousie’s Industry Liaison and Innovation office, Murphy was able to secure the funding he needed to develop patents and prototypes for his revolutionary motor design. Early-stage venture capital firm Innovacorp has since made a $250,000 seed investment in the company.
Relevant Ivany Report recommendations: Doubling research and development partnerships between enterprises and universities in the province; spurring the creation of new startups.

There is much to be done before Nova Scotia achieves the goals laid out in the Ivany Report, but the businesses profiled above are on the right track.

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