How is the Halifax Partnership attracting investment in Halifax?

November 9, 2015

As outlined in the Halifax Partnership’s 2015-2016 business plan, titled “Time for Bold Action,” one of the Partnership’s five organizational objectives is to attract high-value, high-potential business investment in priority sectors. The organization plans to accomplish this goal by continuing to present Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a location of choice for enterprises in target markets, as well as working with its partners to improve Halifax’s business climate, export opportunities, research and development possibilities and overall corporate reputation.

“The Partnership is focused on piquing the interest of companies in target markets and locations.”

What kind of businesses is the Partnership targeting?

The Partnership is focused on piquing the interest of companies in target markets such as Asia (particularly China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan), as well as Europe and the United States. Priority sectors include aerospace and defence, energy, financial services, gaming, ICT, interactive media, life sciences, oceans, and transportation and logistics.

How does the Partnership attract and retain investment from these companies?

By collaborating with local colleges and universities, research institutions and government departments on both the provincial and federal levels, the Partnership is working to make the idea of doing business in Halifax seem attractive to companies in the target markets and locations it has identified as being particularly lucrative. Its partners include Nova Scotia Business Inc., Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. Once target enterprises set up shop in Halifax, the Partnership’s focus turns to retaining such companies’ investments by providing the economic support and supplying the corporate connections these firms need to maximize their business success.

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