GAME CHANGERS: NATIONAL Wins 2017 Connector Organization Award

January 18, 2018

NATIONAL logo - webThe Game Changers Awards Gala recognizes exceptional Halifax businesses and Connectors who hire youth, provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities and inspire others to take action in retaining youth. This year’s gala took place on October 30, 2017. Nine awards were presented, and NATIONAL Public Relations was the recipient of the Best Connector Organization Award.

NATIONAL is a Canada-wide and international public relations firm that brings together research, strategy and creativity from across its diverse network to generate powerful ideas and content. The 11 active Connectors at NATIONAL’s Halifax location met with 17 Connectees last year.

Sarah Young, Managing Partner, shares her thoughts on the Connector Program and how being involved has benefitted the company.

 NATIONAL - Some of their 11 Connectors - web


What is the biggest benefit of being involved in the Connector Program for your business?

Being involved in the Connector Program is so valuable to NATIONAL for a number of reasons, but three stand out:

  • The program helps our team identify local talent with the right skills and experience we look to add to our team. It provides a casual setting to get to know recent graduates and immigrants without the pressure of a formal interview, and helps us keep our finger on the pulse of the city's talent pool.
  • It gives our team members, regardless of tenure, an opportunity to build their own network and networking skills. They have the opportunity to share insights, think critically about the role they play in our organization, and above all serve as a resource to Connectees. It also encourages our team members to stay in touch with contacts throughout the city as they direct their Connectees to others.
  • It's rewarding. It is a great feeling to direct a Connectee to three additional contacts and see them build their profile in a proactive, self-guided way with a bit of support. We love hearing from those we've referred a Connectee to, and we like thinking strategically about who we can best pair together following our meeting.

What is the talent pool like in Halifax?

There is so much talent in Halifax, and it just continues to grow. The good news for employers is that the city is filled with excellent post-secondary institutions that produce skilled workers, and there are so many recent graduates and newcomers who have a lot to offer. That said, in a lot of cases they simply haven’t yet met the right employer, mentor, or organization yet, and that’s where the Halifax Partnership’s Connector Program shines.


What would you say to an employer or organization that is considering getting involved in the Connector Program?

Get involved. The Connector Program is an opportunity to meet the brightest new faces of the Halifax business world. But it’s also a really great chance for your employees to grow their business networks, build their networking skills, and meet smart, local talent. There is no down side—it is a rewarding program to be a part of and we look forward to continued involvement.



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