Locals Admire Pieces from International Art Collaboration

October 3, 2017

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On October 2, 2017, the bottom floor of the Discovery Centre turned into an art gallery for the first time as Halifax business leaders mingled with delegates from energy cities around the world and celebrated art collaboration between Halifax and Esbjerg, Denmark at the Rørpost Art Exhibition. Where you would normally see interactive displays, there were 48 collaborative pieces and 48 individual pieces showcased around the room.

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Part of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) Annual General Meeting, 24 Halifax artists partnered with 24 Danish artists under the WECP initiative Rørpost. The purpose of Rørpost is to bring international artists together in WECP member cities using collaborative projects as a pipeline for the flow of creative energy and the celebration of the freedom of expression.


As Mayor Savage and Esbjerg Mayor, Johnny Søtrup, kicked-off the event, they explained how each artist started a work on paper, and then sent their piece across the Atlantic to be finished by their artistic partner. The work then made a return trip to its creative origin. Each artist subsequently created a new work in response to the experience of the collaboration in a medium of their choice, resulting in the 96 art pieces.


"Our art collaboration is an exploration, where inspiration comes from making our art in a different way, and exchanging the art pieces between us. It is a lovely sort of communication," describes Lene Vilslev, artist from Esbjerg, who partnered with local artist, Lynn Rotin. (Collaborative artwork shown in image below.)

This was the second year for the Rørpost Art Exhibition. Last year's partners were Esbjerg and Houston, Texas. The Exhibition is on display at the Discovery Centre from September 16 - October 4, 2017. 

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Below are 10 "before and after" samples of the collaborative pieces on display last night. To see all art pieces, please CLICK HERE or download the exhibition catalogue


Faith Wiley (Halifax) & Erling Langholm Jakobsen (Esbjerg)

 Erling Lyngholm Jakobsen


Philippa Borgal (Halifax) & Lotte LambæK (Esbjerg)

 Lotte Lambaek


Brandt Eisner (Halifax) & Gitte Hadrut (Esbjerg)

 Gitte Hadrup


Kay Stanfield (Halifax) & Flemming Rendbo (Esbjerg)

 Flemming Rendbo


Alf Pedersen (Esbjerg) & Rosemary Clarke Young (Halifax)

 Rosemary Clarke Young


Rose Adams (Halifax) & Lars Henning Andersen (Esbjerg) 

 Lars Henning Andersen


Sue Reeves (Esbjerg) & Ron Kuwahara (Halifax)

  Ron Kuwahara


Jette Dümke (Esbjerg) & Kit Clarke (Halifax)

 Kit Clarke


Iben Holm Kongsbak (Esbjerg) & Lee Cripps (Halifax)

 Iben Holm Kongsbak & Lee Cripps


Birgit Juhl (Esbjerb) & Becky Thomson (Halifax)

 Becky Thomson

About the Name "Rørpost"

Rørpost is a pneumatic tube in Danish. In the past pneumatic tubes were used in department stores to make change or exchange paper messages. In this case Rørpost is a metaphor for sending the paper exchange and art ideas across the Atlantic.