Speed Interviewing: Save Time and Hire the Talent You Need

January 8, 2018

Written by Saad Zora, Program Coordinator, Halifax Connector Program

There is no doubt recruiting new talent can be timely and costly. Many organizations receive an overwhelming number of applications and spend hours scanning resumes and cover letters, contacting candidates, and scheduling interviews. 

Some organizations use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to simplify hiring processes. However, as with any automated system, there is a risk of qualified applicants unnoticeably slipping through the cracks. 

Fortunately, an easy and effective solution exists: speed interviewing.


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What is Speed Interviewing? 

Based on the concept of speed dating, speed interviewing allows employers to consecutively meet one-on-one with a pool of candidates to determine the best fit for the role. 

The average length of a speed interview ranges from 5-15 minutes and includes prepared interview questions. When a candidate is successful, they are often invited by the employer for a second interview. 

The Halifax Partnership’s Connector Team uses speed interviewing to connect local employers to top talent.


Why Speed Interview?

  • Employers can accurately and immediately compare several candidates. Rather than evaluating candidates based on their resumes, employers can easily meet with them face-to-face. There is nothing like a human connection to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for your company.

  • Employers can interview many candidates in just a few hours, using minimal resources and significantly less time than the traditional hiring process. Time is money. Speed interviewing helps employers spend less to find the best candidates. 

  • Competition doesn't stand a chance. The personal interaction involved in speed interviews boosts employers’ confidence and comfort in making quick hiring decisions. This results in nearly eliminating the chance of entering hiring limbo. Time is precious for both employers and job seekers. The longer job seekers wait to hear from prospective employers, the easier it will be for other employers to recruit them. You know what they say: “you snooze, you lose.”

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How to use Speed Interviewing?

Not only can speed interviews make events extra fun, but they are also a brilliant way to evaluate candidates’ communication skills, public speaking abilities, and how well they function under pressure by incorporating activities such as presentations, group projects, writing tests, and more. 

Speed interview events can easily be tailored to fit any organization’s hiring needs, and you can incorporate your own methods of assessment. 


Speed Networking

Speed networking is another effective, yet less formal, method of evaluating candidates. It’s simply quick conversations between established or emerging professionals and job seekers that can potentially lead to formal interviews.


Interested in planning a Speed Interview event?

If you’re looking to hire Halifax’s top talent and save time and money doing it, contact the Halifax Partnership’s Connector Team. With nearly nine years of experience speed interviewing, recruiting, and connecting talent and business, the team can help you find the employees you seek.