Sweden Adopts Connector Program Inspired by Halifax Partnership's Model

November 15, 2016

If you don't know people in Sweden, it's virtually impossible to find employment, internships or networking. 

Sweden is one of the world's most multicultural countries in Western Europe. Twenty per cent of all Swedes indicate that they have a foreign background (one or both parents are from a country outside Sweden), with the percentage being higher in its capital city , Stockholm, and other larger cities. 

However, many Swedes face challenges when it comes to integration, tolerance and inclusion in their communities. Axfoundation, a Swedish non-profit focused on creating conditions for change towards a more sustainable society, developed the Yrkesdörren initiative to address this issue. 

Inspired by a presentation from Halifax Partnership's Director of Labour Market Development, Robyn Webb, at the 2014 Cities of Migration Conference in Berlin,  Axfoundation created Yrkesdörren (meaning "Occupation Door for Newcomers") in 2015 which closely resembles the Halifax Connector Program.

Yrkesdörren matches new and established Swedes based on their industry background and facilities meetings between them to talk about the industry, how jobs are appointed, and social codes. Most importantly, the industry Connector opens two more doors for the newcomer, helping them make several industry connections, grow their professional network, and find job opportunities. 

Axfoundation's goal for 2016 was to connect 600 newcomers and established Swedes. To date, they've matched over 1,200 individuals, clearly indicating that there is both a need for such an initiative as well as a willingness among Swedes to support newcomers. 

For more information on Yrkesdörren, visit: www.yrkesdorren.se