About Halifax

Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and the economic hub of Atlantic Canada.

People from around the world see Halifax as a connected, vibrant and affordable city for themselves and their families. Live oceanside with people who want to build their lives here. Home to innovative companies, an enviable combination of urban and rural lifestyle and housing prices a fraction of the cost of Toronto, Vancouver or Boston, Halifax provides the right ingredients for success.

  • Home to over 432,000 people, 45% of Nova Scotia's population and 18% of Atlantic Canadians
  • Strategic location on North America's east coast
  • Low business costs
  • Highly educated workforce
  • Thriving business sectors and compelling incentives
  • Excellent balance of urban and rural lifestyle
  • Unique blend of history and modern conveniences

Halifax is…Easily Accessible & Strategically Located 

  • With the largest choice of direct destinations of any airport in Atlantic Canada, Halifax Stanfield International Airport welcomes over 4 million passengers annually. Halifax Stanfield also has the only US preclearance facility in the region.
  • Halifax is two hours closer geographically by air to Europe than any other North American destination, and Halifax is closer to New York and Boston than it is to any other major Canadian city.
  • Halifax is Canada's ocean city. No matter where you are in Halifax, you are never far from the ocean. The commercial heart of Halifax is on the water, and there is no shortage of beaches in the municipality itself. Meanwhile, Peggy's Cove, Canada's most photographed tourist attraction, is a 45-minute drive from downtown.


Thanks in part to the Gulf Stream waters, Halifax is blessed with idyllic summer days that give way to leisurely falls, mild winters, and vibrant springs. Our climate provides us with negligible risk of business disruption from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Average Yearly Weather                 Jan   Apr   Jul   Oct 
Daily Maximum  0°C(32°F) 9°C(48°F) 23°C(73°F) 13°C(56°F)
Daily Minimum -8°C(18°F) 1°C(33°F) 14°C(58°F) 6°C(43°F)
Rainfall 97mm(4in)  110mm(4in)  106mm(4in) 124mm(5in)
Snowfall 43cm(17in) 7cm(3in) 0 0
Days with precipitation > 10mm (.5in) 5 4 4 4


Visiting Halifax

Planning on visiting Halifax for business and pleasure? Visit Discover Halifax for all the information you need to plan your Halifax experience. You’ll also learn about our many attractions, events, museums, accommodations, and restaurants at  Halifax.ca.  

Once you’ve discovered what makes Halifax great, why not extend your stay and explore the natural beauty, history, and culture of Nova Scotia? More than your source for all the best that Nova Scotia has to offer, novascotia.com offers additional information on Halifax’s attractions and highlights.