Saad Zora

Project Coordinator, Connector Program

Saad Zora is the Project Coordinator for the Connector Program working with International Students. In his role, Saad is responsible for engaging and educating business leaders on the benefits of hiring international students. The program also directly assists recent local graduates with expanding their business network, and increases their chance of finding employment and internships in their field.

Saad is a bilingual Iraqi-Canadian born in Kuwait and enjoys culture, a variety of food and has a sweet tooth for baklava. He enjoys a wide range of music and spends a lot of his free time as a DJ. Saad is a soon-to-be graduate from Mount Saint Vincent University with a Bachelor of Public Relations and a certificate in Marketing. In his spare time, Saad enjoys engaging in physical activity, laughing and smiling with friends and of course, getting loose on a dance floor.