Co-ops Benefit Business

Offering paid co-op positions to students and recent graduates is a low-cost, low-risk opportunity for your business to explore new talent. Here's how:


1. Ideal source of workforce talent

Access to a student labour pool can help to fill in the labour gaps during busy times or times of vacation, but without the long-term commitment. 


2. Gain year-round access to talent pool of students 

By accessing a constant and year-round pool of talent, you can be aware of the best upcoming talent and reduce recruitment costs down the road.


3. A chance to inform curriculum to meet labour demands.

Having a co-op position allows for a bridge between your business and the academic institution. You can give feedback to the academic institution to ensure their curriculum is catering to the current labour demands. This is how you can ensure graduates are prepared to meet the demands of your business and trained in the areas you require the most.


4. Your opportunity to groom the best candidates for full-time positions 

Avoid skill shortages and train the best talent so that after they graduate you have access to a groomed and prepared candidate who knows your business and will excel. 


5. A great way to “try out talent”

Co-ops are low risk but high reward. This is your chance to evaluate future employees to ensure they are a good fit without a long-term commitment or risk. 


6. Students come with a fresh perspective and new ideas

Students have a pulse on the latest trends in research and technology from their studies. Use this to your advantage and get some fresh perspectives and new ideas to improve business.


7. They are affordable

The cost of a co-op position is significantly less than hiring a permanent position. Also as co-op terms are fixed, you can have the position during certain times of the year when you will require more help but cannot necessarily afford a permanent hire. 

We partner with co-op offices at all universities and colleges and can connect you to the right opportunity for your business. Contact us today:


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