Align Economic Development


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Actions (Years 1-2)

Municipal Lead



Objective 4.1 - Increase awareness of the role Halifax plays in Nova Scotia's and Canada's economic development

74. Ensure that Halifax's importance to the provincial economy is a key message in communications.
Halifax Partnership
75. Share best practices in economic development with other partners and agencies in Nova Scotia. Halifax Partnership

Objective 4.2 - Improve coordination of economic development activities

76. Develop a mechanism to strengthen BID-HRM collaboration on economic development matters.
77. Develop an alignment plan for responding to FDI opportunities between municipal, provincial, and federal partners. Halifax Partnership
78. With the Province, explore the feasibility of establishing a table of senior government leaders to address, on an ongoing basis, economic development issues of common interest. HRM & Halifax Partnership
79. In accordance with We Choose Now Recommendation 1.5, work with the Province to identify business growth opportunities for densely populated disadvantaged communities. Halifax Partnership

Objective 4.3 - Monitor the Economic Growth Plan's progress and adapt actions as required

80. Host the public-facing Annual State of the Economy Forum to unveil the annual Halifax Index and galvanize stakeholders around Halifax's economic challenges and opportunities.
Halifax Partnership
81. Implement a mechanism for sharing Halifax's economic progress with the Province towards the Now or Never and We Choose Now recommended goals and actions. Halifax Partnership
82. Develop and implement a community outreach plan to ensure stakeholders are informed on the progress and results of the growth plan's implementation. HRM & Halifax Partnership
83. Identify new opportunities for greater collaboration and alignment of economic development priorities with other orders of government and the private sector.

HRM & Halifax Partnership
84. Monitor Economic Growth Plan's progress and identify emerging opportunities and challenges through the Halifax Partnership's Board of Directors. Provide quarterly progress reports to CPED and Regional Council. HRM & Halifax Partnership