Attract and Retain Talent


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Actions ( Years 1-2)


Municipal Lead




 Objective 2.1 - Create opportunities for youth, including international students, to put down roots in Halifax

35. Continue the Connector Program to connect local and international graduates, young professionals, and immigrants to the labour force.
Halifax Partnership
36. Through the Game Changer Action Plan, raise local business community’s awareness of the benefits of hiring young professionals without experience.
Halifax Partnership
37. Increase the business community’s awareness of, and access to, labour market information and resources. Halifax Partnership
38. Assemble existing, and develop new, marketing collateral and events as part of a Welcome Like No Other Program targeting international students and immigrants. HRM & Halifax Partnership
39. Communicate private sector labour market needs to the postsecondary/ public sectors to improve programs and the supply of labour. Halifax Partnership

Objective 2.2 - Attract immigrants and expatriates to Halifax

40. Compile an inventory and increase awareness of the initiatives/ programs that assist immigrants’ integration into Canada`s labour market. Halifax Partnership
41. Share Halifax value propositions with universities, employers, and public sector partners working to attract students and employees to Halifax.
Halifax Partnership
42. Work with provincial stakeholders to identify ways to leverage Halifax’s migrant communities to attract talent and investment to Halifax. Halifax Partnership

Objective 2.3 - Promote private sector involvement in co-op and experiential learning

43. Expand the Halifax Connector Program and Game Changer Action Plan to include experiential learning.
Halifax Partnership
44. Support the efforts of organizations working to promote skilled trades and apprenticeship-related career opportunities for youth. Halifax Partnership
45. Support the rollout of the Connector Program across the province. Halifax Partnership

Objective 2.4 - Increase workforce attachment and combat systemic barriers

46. In collaboration with provincial partners, BBI, the Mi'kmaw Friendship Centre and education providers, assess existing programs, services and outcomes related to the workforce attachment of urban aboriginal peoples, African Nova Scotians, and other groups at risk of exclusion.
Halifax Partnership
47. Continue the Bridging the Gap internship program to connect new graduates to municipal public service, and share program resources with other employers in Halifax.
48. Review experience requirements of HRM positions to increase youth talent in the municipal public service.
49. Review/improve HRM HR policies from a diversity and inclusion perspective. HRM  
50. Explore opportunities to connect newcomers, African Nova Scotians, urban aboriginal peoples, youth and persons with disabilities with employment opportunities at HRM. HRM