How to Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the Halifax Economic Growth Plan and share your insights and opinion.

Here's how:


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  •  Halifax Region Opinion Poll - Join HRM's new web-based Halifax Region Opinion Panel to help improve customer service, programs and overall service delivery by providing feedback on various municipal programs and services.

  • Green Network Plan - The municipality held the first phase of public engagement on the Green Network Plan last spring, gathering more than 9,000 comments and ideas on issues of importance for the future open space network. That feedback was used to help identify issues and opportunities, and to develop value statements for five open space themes:
    • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
    • Working Landscapes
    • Recreation & Trails
    • Community Shaping
    • Cultural Landscapes
    The second phase of public engagement for the new Halifax Green Network Plan began on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. This phase of work will be critical in shaping the core planning directions for the conservation and use of both public and privately-owned open space lands and waters. Provide your feedback on the Green Network Plan »

  • Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan - The Parks and Recreation Strategic Policy Framework will identify expected outcomes regarding service delivery, fiscal sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion. The framework will guide the integration and completion of current strategic planning priorities such as Green Network Plan, Community Facility Master Plan, Cultural Spaces Plan, and several Parks Master Plans.
    An engagement plan is currently being developed. Consultations will follow.

  • Integrated Mobility Plan - The Integrated Mobility Plan will help to direct our future investment in transportation demand management, transit and the active transportation and roadway network. The plan will also strive to identify the two-way inter-relationship between growth patterns and investment in mobility. The plan will examine a variety of scenarios and will test the ability of each to address the need to link people and communities with each other and with the goods, services and employment opportunities which they seek, in an environmentally sensitive, socially beneficial and fiscally responsible manner.
    Public engagement will take place in the coming weeks/months.

  • Join a Board, Committee or Commissionorvolunteer in another way »

  • Connect with your Councillor »

  • Call 311 for any service issues.