Make Halifax a Better Place to Live and Work


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Actions (Years 3-5)

Municipal Lead


Objective 3.1 - Ensure access to arts, culture, recreation, and natural assets in Halifax 

39. Increase people's access to the outdoors by leveraging the municipality's natural assets.
40. Adopt and implement the Halifax Green Network Plan to protect and manage open source spaces across the municipality.
41. Development and implement a Parks and Recreation strategic plan that ensures needs-driven, fiscally sustainable and inclusion parks and recreation assets and programming. HRM  
42. Complete the Culture and Heritage Priorities Plan. HRM  
43. Ensure HRM's culture investments reflect Halifax's diversity.  HRM  

Objective 3.2 - Increase Halifax’s environmental sustainability and resiliency

44. Develop a climate strategy and implement programs and activities to support energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in HRM.
45. Reduce the near-and long-term risks of coastal and overland flooding through research and policy development. HRM  
Objective 3.3 - Make Halifax more family and children friendly 
46. Increase awareness of the programs and services available to families and children. HRM  
47. Increase low-income groups' and individuals' access to recreation programs.  HRM   

Objective 3.4 - Make Halifax a more affordable place to live

48. Determine how best to support and encourage a range of affordable housing options in HRM through the Housing and Homelessness Partnership and other initiatives.
49. Promote and pilot community food security initiatives with the Halifax Food Policy Alliance and other partners. HRM  

Objective 3.5 - Improve mobility so that people can live and work more effectively

50. Develop a long-term streetscaping program for the Regional Centre.
51. Improve parking access by implementing new technologies an informing the public about parking availability in the urban core. HRM  
52. Implement the Moving Forward Together Plan to improve Halifax Transit service. 
53. Implement Integrated Mobility Plan recommendations to make Halifax more connected, sustainable, affordable and healthier. HRM
54. Develop and implement a road safety plan. HRM  
Objective 3.6 - Foster cultural proficiency and social inclusion
55. Share successful practices with business on how to be culturally competent/proficient. Halifax Partnership  
56. In accordance with Halifax Regional Council's 2015 Statement of Reconciliation, develop a plan to engage the urban Indigenous community in Halifax. HRM  
57. Implement the Public Safety Strategy. HRM   
58. Make Halifax more welcoming to immigrants through the Halifax Immigration Partnership.
59. Consider and, where possible, incorporate community benefits as part of the development approval process in HRM communities. HRM  
60. Develop and implement plans to make HRM facilities accessible. HRM  

 Objective 3.7 - Showcase Halifax to encourage people to visit, live, and work here

61. Leverage the Halifax Gateway to promote Halifax to potential investors and leisure and business travellers.
Halifax Partnership
62. Proactively communicate the full range of HRM's Parks and Recreation assets and service offerings. HRM  
63. Refine HRM's approach to event attraction and hosting. HRM