Promote and Maximize Growth


Promote Growth - Purple - small


Actions (Years 1-2)

Municipal Lead 



 Objective 1.1 - Make Halifax an easier place to do business.

1. Develop an approach to red tape reduction for HRM.
2. Develop and adopt the new Centre Plan that will replace planning strategies in the Regional Centre.
3. Benchmark and communicate approvals’ standards and timelines to the public.
4. As part of the Halifax Charter Review, identify potential powers and approaches HRM could adopt to grow Halifax's economy.
5. Develop HRM's customer service strategy to improve service to businesses and residents
6. Implement HRM's Planning & Development's organizational renewal program to improve and streamline legislation, processes, supporting tools, and technologies.
7. Benchmark business-climate indicators and communicate them to business.
Halifax Partnership
8. Enhance the Halifax Partnership's Business Retention and Expansion Program to connect business to resources and inform regulators of company common issues.
Halifax Partnership
9. In collaboration with economic development stakeholders, create an online business support hub for businesses to access the services, programs and tools they need.
Halifax Partnership
10. Provide the most up-to-date, relevant economic information on Halifax to help business relocate, stay and grow in Halifax.
Halifax Partnership
11. Provide aftercare to new companies that have chosen Halifax as a new location for their business and make connections to the programs, resources, and talent needed for their continued growth.
Halifax Partnership
12. Communicate to the local business community opportunities arising from new international trade agreements. Halifax Partnership

 Objective 1.2 - Work nationally and internationally to attract investment and increase trade

13. In collaboration with economic development partners, refine and amplify Halifax’s value proposition to position Halifax on the world stage.
Halifax Partnership
14. Ensure alignment and collaboration on investment attraction and FDI aftercare activities related to Halifax. Halifax Partnership
15. Leverage existing local, national, and international relationships, and cultivate new relationships, (e.g. International Partnerships, WECP, CCCA) to increase awareness of the Halifax value proposition. Halifax Partneship
16. Expand the Mayor’s Celebrate Business Program to include targeted visits to major centres in Canada and the United States that showcase Halifax’s value proposition. HRM & Halifax Partnership
17. Assess the role the Municipality could play in a potential air route development fund to open direct commercial and passenger routes to other destinations. HRM & Halifax Partnership
18. Produce a 5-Year Strategic Growth Plan for the Halifax Gateway. Halifax Partnership

 Objective 1.3 - Improve the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurialism

19. Increase awareness of R&D capabilities and interests within Halifax universities and opportunities for business to connect.
Halifax Partnership
20. Increase connectivity with and build capacity of African Nova Scotia and urban aboriginal organizations engaged in economic development. HRM & Halifax Partnership
21. Facilitate connections between small and large businesses around opportunities for increased innovation. Halifax Partnership
22. Promote the growing network of for-profit business and social enterprise incubation facilities that offer shared space and access to business expertise. Halifax Partnership
23. Through the SmartBusiness Program connect businesses with post-secondary R&D capabilities and other resources. Halifax Partnership

 Objective 1.4 - Collaborate around major projects to maximize their impact on the economy

24. Develop a SWOT-team approach for economic development players to maximize existing and proposed major projects (e.g., offshore exploration, shipbuilding (including supply chain opportunities)). Halifax Partnership
25. Secure federal funding to undertake key infrastructure projects. HRM  
26. Capitalize on major project opportunities to attract new foreign direct investment. Halifax Partnership
27. Work with industry stakeholders to raise awareness and maximize major project opportunities in the Oceans Sector (e.g. COVE). Halifax Partnership
28. Complete the initial planning phases of the Cogswell lands redevelopment, including the creation of a design plan for Council approval. HRM  

 Objective 1.5 - Promote clustering of people and business in urban and rural areas.

29. Ensure that an adequate supply of industrial lands is available to support economic development objectives.  
30. Assess options to divert the movement of goods through downtown Halifax. HRM  
31. Implement the density bonus study findings to increase density in the Regional Centre. 
32. In consultation with rural partners, assess the feasibility of a Halifax Rural Index.
33. Assess the feasibility of a rural action committee to foster rural economic development.
34. Contribute to the development of the rural innovation and entrepreneurship strategy described in the We Choose Now Report.