Promote and Maximize Growth


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Actions (Years 3-5)

Municipal Lead 



 Objective 1.1 - Make Halifax an easier place to do business.

1. Implement the Joint Project on Regulatory Modernization with the Province of Nova Scotia to reduce red tape.
2. Adopt and implement the Centre Plan to guide community development and support economic growth in the heart of the region.
3. . As part of the Halifax Charter Review, identify potential powers and approaches HRM could adopt to grow Halifax's economy
4. . Implement HRM's Customer Service Strategy, with a focus on continuous improvement, to enhance service to business and residents.
5. Continue to implement HRM Planning and Development’s organizational renewal program that includes the communication of approvals’ standards and timelines to the public, replacement of the permitting and licensing system, the rationalization of fee-based services and simplification of land-use bylaws.
6. Benchmark business climate indicators and communicate them to business.
Halifax Partnership  
7. Enhance the Halifax Partnership's Business Retention and Expansion Program to connect business to resources and inform regulators of company common issues.
Halifax Partnership
8. Provide the most up-to-date, relevant economic information on Halifax to help businesses relocate, stay and grow in Halifax.
Halifax Partnership
9. Provide aftercare to new companies that have chosen Halifax as a new location for their business.
Halifax Partnership
10. In partnership with the Province, develop an approach to resolve ownership, taxation and planning issues on residential and community owned properties without clear title.
Halifax Partnership
11. Assess potential commercial taxation improvements identified by the business community.
12. Develop and implement an African Nova Scotian (ANS) Action Plan to advance ANS economic development and community priorities. HRM/ Halifax Partnership

 Objective 1.2 - Work nationally and internationally to attract investment and increase trade

13. Expand the Sell Halifax Program to increase investment.
Halifax Partnership
14. Ensure alignment and collaboration on investment attraction and FDI aftercare activities related to Halifax. Halifax Partnership
15. Leverage regional, national and international partnerships to increase trade and investment. Halifax Partneship
16. Strengthen and raise awareness of the Halifax Gateway. HRM & Halifax Partnership
17. Implement the three-year master plan to establish, strengthen and market Halifax’s Innovation District. HRM & Halifax Partnership
18. Promote the public-private Ocean Supercluster initiative to grow the knowledge-based ocean economy. Halifax Partnership


 Objective 1.3 - Improve the conditions for innovation and entrepreneurialism

19. Increase the commercialization of post-secondary research
Halifax Partnership

 Objective 1.4 - Collaborate around major projects to maximize their impact on the economy

20. Undertake special projects to address immediate economic opportunities. HRM/
Halifax Partnership
21. Secure federal funding to undertake key infrastructure projects. HRM  
22. Complete the final design and partial reconstruction of the Cogswell Lands Redevelopment. HRM


 Objective 1.5 - Promote clustering of people and business in urban and rural areas.

23. Ensure that an adequate supply of industrial lands is available to support economic development objectives.
24. Ensure rural HRM is considered in NSCC’s development of a Rural Innovation District. Halifax Partnership  
25. Grow rural economic development by focusing on broadband/cellular infrastructure, tourism, resource extraction, agriculture and business retention and expansion activities.
 HRM/ Halifax Partnership