Halifax Index

What is the Halifax Index?

The Halifax Index is a definitive look at Halifax's economic and community progress. It tells our city’s story – the strength of our economy, the health of our community, and the sustainability of our environment – and provides insights for actions that will strengthen and grow our city. 

The 2016 version of the Index is distinct from recent editions as its release coincides with the launch of implementation activities for the Halifax Economic Growth Plan 2016-21, which was approved by Halifax Regional Council in April of this year. This is the city’s first new economic strategy since 2011.

The Index and the Growth Plan are closely linked. Data reported in past versions of the Index informed the development of the plan. Going forward, the Index will continue to serve as a scorecard for how well Halifax is doing in achieving objectives set out in the Growth Plan.

The Index's sections reflect a wide-angled view of what economic and community progress looks like. It primarily benchmarks Halifax’s progress against five other cities (St. John’s, Quebec City, London, Regina and Victoria), showing how Halifax’s growth compares to other cities across a range of key indicators and what's required to achieve better results. 

View key findings from the 2016 Halifax Index on the city's People, Economy, Quality of Place and Sustainability.

Download the 2016 Halifax Index

The 2016 Halifax Index tracks our city's progress towards many different indicators and includes a special analyses on rural Halifax.

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The Halifax Index 2016 (PDF)

2016 Halifax Index Workbook (.xls)



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