Head & Regional Office Study

Head and regional offices (HROs) are good for the economy. They create high-paying jobs, increase procurement of goods and services, enhance corporate social responsibility, and advance research and development that, in turn, generates new opportunities. 

As home to some of Canada's most successful corporations, we recognize the significant economic importance of HROs and undertook this study to better understand how to:

  • Attract and retain head and regional offices
  • Remove barriers and provide information to support expansion of existing head and regional offices
  • Market Halifax as the best location in Canada for head and regional offices
  • Raise awareness about the importance and economic impact of HROs to our community
  • Provide significant outreach and aftercare to existing HROs to ensure their needs are being met

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Click to view and download the full summary report on the Halifax Head and Regional Offices Study, the infographic outlining its economic impact in Halifax, and the HRO Sector Profile.

         HROSummaryReport - Cover
Halifax Head & Regional Offices:
Summary Report (PDF)

                Halifax HRO Infographic (SNAPSHOT) smaller
Infographic: Economic Impact (PDF)
    HRO Value Proposition Cover
HRO Sector Profile:
Value Proposition (PDF)