Affinio - Creating a Work Culture that Retains

“Give younger employees the opportunity to take on their own projects and see through their ideas. You’d be surprised what can happen.”  - Nick Misener, Affinio


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Hiring young talent is one thing, but helping them grow their careers with your company is another.

Affinio has tapped into this. 

With 90% of their workforce under the age of 30, Affinio is creating a work culture that not only attracts young talent but retains it.

“Products can be built, but building a team is special,” says Nick Misener, Human Resources Generalist at Affinio. “It’s what sets us apart for clients- they continue to come back for the team and our people.”

The key to Affinio’s retention strategy is hiring the right people.

Affinio Image - Smaller“We hire for passion over experience because once you get the team right, you can elevate the business and take it to the next level,” says Misener, “It makes business sense.”

Affinio offers multiple entry level roles that tap into younger talent for their passion and fresh perspective. In particular, the Enterprise Business Representative role exposes employees to many sides of the business and allows them the opportunity to grow within the company.

“It plays to their strengths,” says Misener. “A lot of great talent is attracted because of this culture of empowerment.”

Justin Blackburn, a recent graduate joined Affinio in November of 2015 in the role.

“Going through this position, I learned a lot about myself and what I was good at,” says Blackburn. “It’s super refreshing to be given challenging work and feel that my actions are making a difference. Everyone at Affinio is willing to help and is open to my ideas.”

Though Affinio is a technology company that tends to draw a younger workforce demographic, their tactics for young employee retention are applicable to any business.

How does Affinio create a culture of young employee empowerment?

1. Career Mapping

“From day one, we sit down with our employees and help them map out their careers,” says Misener, “We want to help chart out where they want to go and how Affinio can help them get there.”

2. Investing in Development

Affinio supports the team's professional development by offering different options for growth, including sending many employees to Sandler Sales training so they can hone their skills.

“Investing in your people will always pay off,” says Misener.


3. Talking to their people

“It’s so important to have the two-way communication,” says Misener, “Ask them what they want and need to be successful and you’d be amazed at how well you can work as a cohesive team.”

4. Giving them a shot

“Give younger employees the opportunity to take on their own projects and see through their ideas,” says Misener. “You’d be surprised what can happen.”



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