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I’m young. You’re smart. Hire me.

The Game Changer Action Plan is a private-sector driven initiative to keep young talent in Nova Scotia.

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Net Outmigration by Age Group 1995-2014

Every year, Nova Scotia sees a net loss of 1,300 young people between the ages of 20-29, taking their vision, talent, energy, income, and drive with them. Youth retention is one of our greatest challenges and best opportunities for long-term economic growth…

Game Changers

  • molly

    Molly Connor

    I get to watch my friends succeed and my city thrive.

    There was a time I thought I’d have to leave. After university, I gave myself one year to find a job. My backup plan? A one-way ticket to Australia. But now I have a job and I get to stay here. I get to watch my friends succeed and my city thrive. And, eventually, my parents will get to be an integral part of my children’s lives.

  • TD Logo - GC Profile Page


    How do you plan for the future if hiring youth isn't part of your business model?

    Businesses know creating a strong brand around their product or service is critical to defining their unique selling proposition to reach their customers. But has your business ever considered the importance of creating a brand strategy for hiring youth?

  • GC Success Story Profile Pic - ClearPicture


    The best opportunities come from new grads.

    One tweet and ten minutes later, ClearPicture had met their newest hire, Jacqui Dean, a young marketing and communications professional who recently moved to Halifax from Australia.

  • Dalhousie Logo - Success Story Page


    It's about seeing beyond 3 to 5 years and thinking about 10 to 15 years.

    By working to connect businesses with students, Dalhousie’s co-op, corporate residency and internship programs help to solve short-term talent needs while giving students work experience and professional contacts in Halifax.

  • Affinio Logo


    Give them the opportunity to see through their ideas. You'd be surprised what can happen.

    With 90% of their workforce under the age of 30, Affinio is creating a work culture that not only attracts young talent but retains it.

  • RBC Logo - Web GC

    Rbc - nextgen

    We don't want to loose talent. NextGen bridges the gap & employees feel valued.

    Hiring young talent is one piece of the puzzle, helping them build their careers in Halifax is another. RBC’s NextGen Employee Resource Group was developed for this very purpose.

  •  NSCC Logo - GC Webpage

    NSCC - Oceans Tech

    We train these grads just as industry did in the past.

    Thousands of new graduates complete their studies in Halifax each spring and fall, walking away with degrees and excellent theoretical knowledge, but they don’t always have the on-the-job skills that are needed. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) is working to bridge this gap.

  • NTT Data Logo - GC Page

    NTT data

    The new ideas, energy, and creativity are well worth the investment.

    With 800 employees in Halifax and steady growth each year, NTT DATA is living proof that hiring new graduates is good for business. NTT DATA has been ranked as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People in 2016.

  • Ocean Sonics - GC Page

    ocean sonics

    Everything they do helps our company grow and expand.

    Every student hopes to find a co-op placement or internship that leads to full-time, permanent work. For Pierre, this hope is his reality.

  • EfficiencyOne Logo - GC Page

    natalie irwin

    I teach recent grads how to create a network and expand it.

    Super Connector Award winner, Natalie Irwin, became a Connector in December 2014 and met with five Connectees and has consistently referred participants to contacts in her network.

  • CBCL Logo - GC Page

    CBCL Limited

    If you want to find a career in Halifax, the Connector Program is a great opportunity.

    A Game Changers Award winner for best Connector Organization, CBCL has helped connect new graduates with many engineering contacts and industry networks.

  • Grant Thornton Logo - GC Page

    Grant THorNToN

    At Grant Thornton, we have a culture that is vibrant, evolving and changing.

    Consistently ranked at the top of their industry for Best Workplaces in Canada and a Game Changers Best Youth Employer Award winner, they believe passionately in hiring and retaining youth.

Get Involved


Hiring youth pays off. Hiring young talent not only helps them gain professional experience, but helps your business and our city grow.

Learn More


Offering experiential learning opportunities to students and graduates is a low-cost, low-risk opportunity for your business to explore new talent.

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Gain access to prequalified talent while helping youth build their professional networks and break into the labour force.

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Be a Game Changer.

We need to close the gap and stop our youth from leaving. In Game Changers, every business has a role to play. 

Learn more in our new Game Changers Guide to Hiring Youth. It has the information and resources you need to HIRE young professionals, provide EXPERIENCE through experiential learning opportunities and CONNECT young people to local professional networks and career opportunities in their fields. 

Download the Guide

Our city has a wealth of young talent - local and international graduates and young professionals with drive and enthusiasm who can make an incredible impact on your business. We need to help our youth thrive and succeed so they can put down roots here.


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