Great Communities Initiative


At the November 2015 Pathways to Sustainability Symposium, participants from several African Nova Scotian communities came together and identified what their communities need for economic prosperity- a unified strategy. 

Participants agreed that a successful strategy means financial sustainability education, implementing innovative models for job creation, making connections with business and government. The Halifax Partnership firmly believes that the key to achieving these goals lies in fostering partnerships and helping communities collaborate and build this capacity.

The Great Communities Initiative is part of the Partnership’s Community Economic Development program. Since 2007, the Halifax Partnership has used a proven framework for community economic development to develop sustainable strategies and community plans. The Great Communities Initiative leverages this framework by helping African Nova Scotian and other communities build capacity and forge partnerships. 

With the Great Communities Initiative, CED ideas and strategies are turned into action. Communities are connected with the resources and partners they need to design community plans to chart the course between present day needs and the community-wide goals and strategies for the future.

The Halifax Partnership’s unique private, public model for economic development, with close to 125 private-sector investors, offers a wealth of resources, expertise and wide network of leaders inspired to take a lead in connecting communities with the opportunities and partnerships they need to thrive.

Your Opportunity

The One Nova Scotia Now or Never report made it clear that the key to economic prosperity lies with an engaged business community. Sustainable and growing communities drive thriving economies. Business leadership and action in communities accelerates this. 

The Great Communities Initiative is the effective capacity-building framework to help business support community-led development to create long-term sustainable growth for communities and our city. 

The Great Communities Initiative helps actively engaged communities to assess priorities and challenges to define a common vision for their future. From this the Halifax Partnership makes the connections to help bridge the gap between a community's current capacity and the goals and needs for the future. Communities then build a development plan and continue to work and collaborate with business and government partners to take action on their strategies.

Your Role

Participating in the Great Communities Initiative is a win-win for your business and the community. As a Partner, you will drive innovative job creation. From creating job opportunities in communities to providing training and internships, you will be actively participating in building the capacity communities need to grow.

Your Partnership Opportunity

Your participation in the Great Communities Initiative puts you at the forefront of leading and driving community and economic growth by: 

  • Demonstrating your action and response to the One Nova Scotia Report
  • Supporting and participating in the creation of long-term community strategies.
  • Creating more business growth opportunities by supporting community growth and financial sustainability.
  • Creating jobs in communities and tap into a wealth of local talent to meet labour demands.
  • Demonstrate how you are taking action to retain the youth in the city.
  • Raising your profile as a community and business leader in the city.
  • Get recognized as a Great Communities Initiative leader on the Halifax Partnership website.

The Partnership’s Great Communities Initiative framework is a win-win opportunity for both business and communities. 

Be a leader in growing Halifax’s economy. 

Be a part of building communities and Great Communities.