Musquodoboit Valley

The Musquodoboit Valley Planning Committee has been working with numerous community groups on various issues affecting the Musquodoboit Valley. This includes; local food, small business development, community promotion, tourism, and volunteerism.

Community Update

The Musquodoboit Valley Planning Committee is pleased to announce that they have hired Four Points Consulting, of Antigonish to do a Transportation Needs Assesment for the Musquodoboit Valley, Sheet Harbour and Mus Go Rider to look for opportunities to work together on a transportation system that can work in all three areas. 

Note: The consultant is required to survey a sample of 40-50 Musquodoboit Valley residents in each of the various demographics and situations (youth, seniors, commuters, adults, recreation use etc.) to understand what their willingness to utilize and pay for community transportation.


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Robyn Webb
Director, Labour Market Development


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