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The Connector Program helps new residents and recent graduates grow their professional network and connect with career opportunities in Halifax. 

Need help finding a job in Halifax, Nova Scotia? This highly effective networking program will put you directly in touch with Connectors - business owners and operators, managers, civil servants and community leaders in Halifax who work in the same field as you. 

Through one-on-one scheduled meetings with several Connectors you will have the opportunity to enhance your networking skills, build a professional network and improve your job search in Halifax. 

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Who Can Participate?

Local & International Students

  • Have recently completed a post-secondary degree or diploma and/or are in the final year of a post-secondary program.
  • Hold a valid work-permit to be able to work in Nova Scotia 
  • Currently living in Halifax with the intent to work and stay in Nova Scotia 
  • Have sufficient English or French language capability to be employable for work in Halifax. 


  • Have completed a minimum of a one year post-secondary education or training program and/or received a diploma, certificate or degree
  • Hold a valid work permit and have immigrated to Canada within the last five years 
  • Currently living in Halifax with the intent to work and stay in Nova Scotia
  • Have sufficient English or French language capability to be employable and to be functional to work in Halifax

Local Graduates

  • Have completed post-secondary education or training program (college or university)
  • Have less than 3-5 years of work experience in their field and are actively pursuing your job search or have recently acquired a new trade/career
  • Currently living in Halifax with the intent to work and stay in Nova Scotia

By Becoming a Connectee, You Will:

  1. Enhance your networking skills
  2. Build a professional network
  3. Improve your job search

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Become a Connectee

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Connected Testimonials


Afolabi Azeez

"A lot of people said it is difficult to get a job in Halifax, but I have gone against the general principal, and the Connector Program played a major part in achieving this. The Connector Program assisted me in understanding the most important element of getting a job, which is the ability to network. I was invited to various social and economic gatherings, and this helped me to develop my networking skills and improve my ability to converse meaningfully with people in my industry." 

- Afolabi Azeez, Conifer Financial Services

Barbara Jessome - Ashburn

"The Connector Program proved to be a solid bridge between school and the workplace for me. It's one I will share with my classmates. Halifax is lucky to have a program like this in place. There is opportunity in this city and there is talent here. The program brings them together. Without wonderful folks like the Connector Team, graduates like me would be westward bound." 

- Barbara Jessome, Ashburn Golf Club

Lior Zelering - T4G

"When people first immigrate, they are sometimes stuck in a shell - they are still improving their language skills, they don't know the customs or know anyone. The program really shows you how to meet people, and put yourself out there. My wife and I used that inspiration to reach out. I am now a Digital Strategist at T4G." 

- Lior Zelering, T4G

Vastal Sood - Revolve

"The most important role played by the Halifax Partnership was to introduce me to the computer science industry here in Halifax. Being an international student, I was not aware of the companies here in Halifax and how to get in touch with these companies." 

- Vastal Sood, Revolve Branding and Marketing