Become a Connector

The Partnership’s Connector Program is a simple yet effective networking program that helps immigrants and recent graduates build a professional network, connect with career opportunities in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and settle successfully in our community. 

Join the Connector Program and gain access to the global marketplace by getting in touch with this group of skilled workers in our community. By becoming a Connector, you will benefit from:

  1. Access to local talent
  2. Increased awareness about your organizations and industry
  3. Knowing you are opening doors for people and helping them succeed in Halifax
  4. Making Halifax a more welcoming and diverse community
  5. Reducing your risk when hiring a new employee with pre-qualified candidates

Who are Connectors?

Connectors are people in our community who know large numbers of people and are in the habit of making introductions.  Connectors know people through social, cultural, professional, and economic circles, and have a special gift of bringing people together who work or live in different circles. 

Connector's Role

  • Meet with Connectees
  • Listen, ask questions, and share knowledge of current market demands and the skills required in your field
  • After the meeting, you must provide the Connectee with three other relevant contacts in their industry. Each of the contacts will be asked for three more.
  • Be honest; provide feedback to the newcomer through the Connector Program Project Coordinator
  • It's up to the Connectee to follow-up with Connectors and begin to develop their business network.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs page.

Become a Connector

Get in touch with our Connector Program Team and become a new Connector today!

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Connector Testimonials


Allison Kouzovnikov - Shorefast Foundation

"The reason why I am really passionate about this program is that it helps build community - and not just any community - it helps to build our community - our Halifax - into a city that is more welcoming, inclusive and diverse than it might otherwise be, if left to its own devices."

- Allison Kouzovnikov, President, Shorefast Foundation

Chris O'Shea - BDC

"I consider myself a coach. I like to see where the participants are at, and what their career goals are. I want to make sure that whatever their goals are, as a region we can provide for them." 

- Chris O'Shea, Business Consultant, BDC

Nic Fieldsend - Journeyman
"Employment is only part of it. It's about how to get someone plugged into the community in all the other aspects of their life as well. That's what will make them want to stay. We're really good to have to bring new people in; you can't be locked into the old boy's network. We need to maintain the great character of Halifax by bringing new ideas and new voices to the fold." 

- Nic Fieldsend, Vice President, Journeyman Film Company