Connector Program

Making the human connection in Halifax.  

Presented by RBC, our award winning Connector Program is a simple, yet highly effective networking program that helps local businesses and organizations connect with immigrants, international students and recent local and international graduates who are interested in starting and growing their career in Halifax.  

Through one-on-one meetings, local business and community leaders known as Connectors meet with talent interested in opportunities in Halifax. The Connector gains access to a wealth of diverse, pre-qualified talent and Connectees gain insight into their professional network, and connect with career opportunities. 

Recent Program Results:

  • 973 Connectors
  • 2,114 Connectees
  • 879 Jobs Found

“I am proud to be a Connector to help international students and graduates get connected and settled into our community. Together we can make Halifax a more welcoming community.”   

- Linda Hutchison, Clearwater Seafoods

Get Connected

To learn more about the Connector Program and how we can improve your professional network, get in touch with our Connector Program Team.


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