Why should I be a Connector? 

Becoming a Connector is a way to explore the hidden talent in Halifax. Our labour force is depleting as professionals retire and recent graduates are choosing to move away from Halifax. Making a connection to skilled professionals who have worldwide ties and are ready to works will give your business a competitive advantage in today’s economy. 

How do we meet? 

The Partnership will schedule the first meeting between the newcomer and the Connector. After the initial meeting the newcomer will be provided with the Connector’s contact information and will be responsible to follow-up and maintain contact. 

Where will the Connection meeting take place? 

The meeting will be scheduled either at the Connectors office, or at a convenient location for both participants. 

Who are the referrals Connectors provide to Newcomers? 

Referrals are anyone within your professional network who would be appropriate to meet with a newcomer. This may be a contact in HR or someone who is looking to fill a job vacancy. 

What happens at the first meeting? 

Some topics to discuss may be:

  • Industry backgrounds, skills and areas of expertise
  • Industry related news
  • Current market demands
  • Hidden job opportunities in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Who the best referrals may be

How do I become a Connector?

To become a local Connector, contact:
Denise DeLong
Program Manager

Email Denise


Have More Questions? 

Our Connector Program Team will be happy to answer any other questions you have.