Program Results

The Connector Program Works

The hidden job market is real. In Halifax, It's not about what you know, but who you know. And when you have an in, great things can happen. 

Results to Date

The proof is in the numbers. To date, the Connector Program has engaged 1,109 Connectors with 2,610 Connectees. Through their informal conversations and networking suggestions, 1041 jobs have been found by program participants. 

But don't just take our word for it. Hear what some of the program participants have to say. 

Allison Kouzovnikov - Shorefast Foundation

"The reason why I am really passionate about this program is that it helps build community - and not just any community - it helps to build our community - our Halifax - into a city that is more welcoming, inclusive and diverse than it might otherwise be, if left to its own devices."

- Allison Kouzovnikov, President, Shorefast Foundation

Chris O'Shea - BDC

"I consider myself a coach. I like to see where the participants are at, and what their career goals are. I want to make sure that whatever their goals are, as a region we can provide for them." 

- Chris O'Shea, Business Consultant, BDC



Afolabi Azeez

"A lot of people said it is difficult to get a job in Halifax, but I have gone against the general principal, and the Connector Program played a major part in achieving this. The Connector Program assisted me in understanding the most important element of getting a job, which is the ability to network. I was invited to various social and economic gatherings, and this helped me to develop my networking skills and improve my ability to converse meaningfully with people in my industry." 

- Afolabi Azeez, Conifer Financial Services

Barbara Jessome - Ashburn

"The Connector Program proved to be a solid bridge between school and the workplace for me. It's one I will share with my classmates. Halifax is lucky to have a program like this in place. There is opportunity in this city and there is talent here. The program brings them together. Without wonderful folks like the Connector Team, graduates like me would be westward bound." 

- Barbara Jessome, Ashburn Golf Club


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