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Shaw Group, The

The Shaw Group is pleased to be part of the Halifax Partnership’s investor network and welcomes the opportunities this business network offers for exploring partnership and joint venture opportunities with other innovative and growing organizations.

The Shaw Group is one of Eastern Canada’s leading natural resource manufacturers and community developers. The company operates on a decentralized basis through the following divisions and subsidiaries: Shaw Brick, Shaw Pipe, Shaw Resources, Clayton Developments Limited, Prestige Homes Limited, Ven-Rez Products Ltd. and Shaw & Shaw. The company has been honoured as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the past seven years.

With a strong focus on products for the construction industry, the Group’s individual divisions compete in a variety of market sectors and produce close to 1,000 individual products in facilities across eastern Canada. Six retail Shaw Centres and more than 300 dealers sell Shaw Group products. The Ravines in Halifax and Russell Lake in Dartmouth are two of the most recent ventures for Clayton Developments, one of Nova Scotia’s oldest and most respected community developers.

In recent years, the company’s traditional market area of Atlantic Canada has grown to include all of North America and many overseas countries. Each division also harnesses the ingenuity of its staff to expand into new market areas by developing innovative, value-added products.

The Shaw Group looks for innovative and compatible growth opportunities that allow the company to transfer its traditional natural resource-based manufacturing skills and managerial expertise into new fields.

For example, in 1999 The Shaw Group purchased Prestige Homes, a New Brunswick company with a 20-year history of success in manufacturing modular and panelized homes and light industrial buildings. And in May 2006, the company acquired Ven-Rez Products Ltd. of Shelburne, a long-established manufacturer of a wide range of metal, wood, laminate and upholstered furniture, primarily for schools.

The Shaw Group actively seeks innovative opportunities and creative ideas that will enable the company to diversify and build on its corporate strengths, particularly where there is substantial export potential. For more information, please contact Ken Hardie at (902) 457-0689.

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