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 With nearly 50 years of history behind it, Pomerleau has developed expertise in all facets of the Canadian construction business, from medium- to large-scale institutional, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

Pomerleau accompanies its clients through all phases of their projects, from preconstruction to commissioning. Its services are delivered by seasoned teams of professionals with recognized skills in construction management, design-build, general contracting and more.

Through the years, Pomerleau's solid knowledge of construction techniques has enabled it to develop efficient management tools. It uses, among others, a real-time high-performance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system to ensure that the project team has an accurate take on the final cost of the work, resulting in superior decision-making during the course of a project. Pomerleau also uses Building Information Modelling or BIM to generate and manage a comprehensive and intelligent 3D to 6D (3D+time+budget+maintenance) model of a future facility. Presently, BIM technology, together with its accompanying methods and the processes, is a major component of the company's continuous quality improvement strategy.