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Chronicle Herald, The

We’re one of Canada’s last independently-owned daily newspapers. We’ve been reflecting the interests and the values of Nova Scotians since 1824 and we will continue to do that through our newspaper, our web site, our growing Herald Magazine and the social media channels that few of us could have imagined a decade ago.

Ours is the largest newsroom in the region with the largest audience. We deliver news, opinion, sports and entertainment to over 300,000 print readers every day. Combined with our website, that number climbs to well over 520,000 readers. In the last year our reporters, photographers and editors examined governance in Nova Scotia, the prevalence of guns in Halifax, de-population of some rural parts of our province and we provided extensive coverage of municipal elections that resulted in new leadership in our largest cities and some of our smallest towns. Writers like Aaron Beswick, John DeMont and Lois Legge continued to produce terrific stories that reflect the charm and, sometimes, the quirkiness of life in Nova Scotia.

We’re proud to be Nova Scotia’s largest daily newspaper and we take seriously our responsibility to help Nova Scotians and other Atlantic Canadians understand our challenges and opportunities. We remain determined to deliver stories of interest and importance to our province and our region.

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