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Cresco believes when you can boast about helping to develop and construct prestigious communities like The Ravines of Bedford South, Clayton Park West, Kingswood, Papermill Lake, Glenn Arbour, and Waterstone, it conveys a legacy wealthy in expertise. When your name is behind the design and construction of numerous award winning houses and condominiums, and you are recognized by your peers as a leader in your industry (2000 and 2009 Builder of the Year), it imparts a heritage built on craftsmanship. 

Of course, success only comes through vision, innovation and the ability to successfully achieve something not previously done. This speaks to Cresco’s new undertaking, The Parks of West Bedford, the company’s biggest and boldest project to date. In collaboration with Clayton Developments, work is underway on a 1,300-acre development that will be a new community for 24,000 people by 2030.
From humble beginnings in 1989 with only a handful of homes, Cresco has become a building force in Nova Scotia. Part of this can be attributed to diversity, which enables it to leverage knowledge from past achievements to help it chart future directions. Experience runs the gamut from land acquisition and development, to residential and commercial property management, to expertise in commercial and office building construction, including the Kingswood Plaza and the company’s headquarters in Bedford.

Cresco leads the way in planning and building new homes and condominiums. How? Simple! Determining where the market is and responding to what buyers want through research and analysis. Instead of focusing on individual homes, planning covers whole neighbourhoods, with an emphasis on active lifestyle communities. Whether it’s a young couple purchasing their first home, a growing family, or people hoping to downsize, Cresco never loses sight of the importance of accommodating divergent needs and desires. Everything the company builds must encompass beauty and function, economy and convenience, quality and value.

From blueprint to occupancy, a Cresco home demonstrates how vision and innovation can be transformed into class and elegance. Our finished product is signed with a signature of pride and perfection, continuing an unparalleled tradition of distinction and quality.

You see, at Cresco, building is more than a craft. It’s an art!

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