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Armour Group Limited, The
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The Armour Group Limited was incorporated in 1972 to undertake real estate development opportunities through its subsidiaries, Armour Construction, Armour Developments and Armour Management. While the company has evolved through its more than 30 year history, much of its underlying philosophy remains the same. The Armour Group Limited practices an integrated approach to buildings, actively implementing and organizing the design, construction, project management and full ownership and property management thereafter. Wherever possible, the company maintains control of the product line through these stages in order to ensure a quality standard. The philosophy continues to be building to the highest point the market will bear in terms of quality, services and design and holding these assets for a long-term period on the basis that a superior product in terms of design, construction and management will significantly appreciate relative to its peers. In keeping with this philosophy, The Armour Group Limited has not sold any developed assets in its history.

The company has found that its competitive strengths lie in more challenging real estate with a focus on management intensive assets, assets with design or building challenges and products which may be synergistic with existing assets and not easily replicated in the market place.

The Armour Group assets are managed internally by its property management division. The company has invested in a strong team of operations, marketing and leasing professionals who oversee all aspects of preventative and general maintenance, marketing and leasing of the properties.

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