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Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Our players have been having fun and “dreaming big” since 1976 when Atlantic Lottery started offering lottery games on behalf of the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island.
Today’s Atlantic Lottery has more than 600 employees in all four Atlantic provinces, including more than 50 in Dartmouth. We offer everything from dare-to-dream draw games to those played in social settings, from sports wagering to Scratch’N Win, from Breakopen to games played on
With a variety of games comes winners of prizes large and small, but the best thing about lottery games is that when anyone plays, everyone benefits. That’s because every penny of our profits goes back to our communities.

In Nova Scotia, our operations contribute to 3,286 direct and indirect jobs with $158.6 million in employment income. We also contribute $576 million in business revenues and $315.2 million in GDP. These benefits stem from direct expenditures on staff and operations, commissions paid to retailers, expenditures on suppliers and profit redistributions to the provincial government.