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At Fire Inside Leadership, we develop leadership potential at the personal, team and organizational level.    Whether you want to enhance your leadership effectiveness, inspire and mobilize your team or take your organization in new directions, we can customize an approach that will work for you.  Our goal is to enable you to ignite the fire within you, your team and your organization to achieve the results you most want.

• We support individual leaders to develop the awareness, skill and focus to enhance their impact and the quality of their lives through leadership coaching and leadership development programs;

• We offer team coaching and facilitation services to create positive and productive working relationships and improve results;

• We offer strategic planning services to support organizations to develop the vision, strategy and people to lead in new directions.

The Fire Inside Difference
Sustainable – We support you and your organization to achieve sustainable and repeatable results by working with you over time.
Experiential - We engage you every moment we are with you.  Our work is experiential and interactive.
Practical – The skills and insight you develop while working can be applied immediately, in any environment – work, community and home.
Empowering – Our strength is in creating safe, challenging and highly creative environments for you to develop your own solutions and achieve the results you want.
Collaborative – When we work with groups, we work in teams of two.  This enables us to model effective teamwork and collaborate more effectively with you and your teams.

To learn more about how we can serve you and your organization, contact us at 902-982-6779 or email