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Halifax-Dartmouth Automobile Dealers Association

The Halifax Dartmouth Automobile Dealers’ Association, formally established in 1966, represents new car franchised dealers in HRM.  Our dealers are independent business persons, who invest in our municipality and have an interest in its future. HDADA is a regional, voluntary, not-for-profit association, with membership in the provincial organization Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers’ Association (NSADA). Any new car dealer in the County of Halifax may apply to become an Active Member of HDADA and may be admitted to membership.  Membership in HDADA provides each dealer with automatic access to the national organization, the Canadian Automobile Dealers’ Association (CADA).  CADA is the national voice of new vehicle franchised dealers in Canada.

HDADA has been an active participant in the Idle Free Campaign and several of its dealerships have sponsored schools engaged in that program.  Both HDADA and NSADA are committed to the environment through the promotion of fuel efficient driving practices to the general public by participating in the DriveWiser program. Currently NSADA is working closely with the Nova Scotia Department of Environment as a sponsor of the Department's anti litter campaign in Nova Scotia. NSADA participates in a working group with Efficiency Nova Scotia for the purpose of identifying opportunities for the retail automotive industry to cooperate with the agency to enable Nova Scotians to make wise energy choices. With the assistance of Efficiency Nova Scotia, the provincial Association is working on the introduction of an energy efficiency audit program for new car dealerships in Nova Scotia. 

HDADA is overseen by a Board of Directors, elected for a two-year term.  Our office is located at 700-6009 Quinpool Road, Halifax NS.  We can be reached by telephone at 902-425-2445. 

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