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Dalhousie University
Education and Research

Located in the heart of Halifax for almost 200 years, Dalhousie University blends the finest academic traditions with innovative thinking to provide outstanding education and research opportunities.

A warm and welcoming environment for talented students from the region, Dalhousie is also increasingly attracting students from around the world. More than 18,000 students — including professional and graduate students — find their own niche, choosing from 180 diverse programs. Some, like medicine, law, agriculture and engineering, are unique to Dalhousie within the province.

Dalhousie University is one the largest corporate enterprises in Nova Scotia generating $1 Billion of Nova Scotia’s total GDP.   Collectively, our 5,700 full- and part-time faculty and staff make Dalhousie one of Halifax’s largest employers.

Dalhousie proudly ranks among the top research institutions in the country, attracting over $149 million in funding to the region each year. Professors generate knowledge from their research and share their perspectives with students, colleagues and partners.

Groundbreaking work in fields such as oceans, life sciences, sustainability, clean energy, material sciences and information and communications technology makes Dalhousie a key driver of economic growth and knowledge generation.

An active industry liaison office reaches out to our corporate partners within and beyond the Atlantic region to identify shared concerns, solve complex problems and maximize commercial opportunities.

Each year, 2,500 more graduates become part of the alumni family, enhancing a tradition established by the 100,000 graduates who came before them. They will go on themselves to provide outstanding leadership and accomplishment in their chosen fields.

While the  network of Dalhousie connections spans the globe, the largest portion of graduates chose to live, work and make Nova Scotia home.

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