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Boardworks Consulting Inc.
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Boardworks wants to make a difference by helping you and your organization make a difference. They succeed when they help you succeed.

To be successful, boards and organizations need to have a clear purpose, clear direction and clear responsibilities/roles. Helping you achieve clarity of purpose, roles and direction is why they specialize in governance, strategic planning and facilitation.

Boards are part of the fabric of our society.  They are responsible for organizations, large and small, that are contributing to the economic, social and cultural well-being of our communities.

Board decisions matter — not only to the organizations they govern but to the communities served by those organizations.  Boardworks value the commitment made by community and business leaders to serve on boards.  They believe that boards can add tremendous value to an organization if they are focused on the right issues and have the people, systems and structures in place to support their work.   They will work with boards so that they can have a positive impact on the organizations they serve and the broader community.

Boardworks also believe in the capacity of organizations to adapt and thrive in a global marketplace.  Effective strategic planning enables organizations to understand their changing context and to define winning strategies for achieving their desired ends.  The process is often as important as the end product.  They work with organizations to design and facilitate strategic planning processes that engage key stakeholders and produce clear and focused strategic directions.