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Nova Scotia Power, An Emera Company
Energy Services

Nova Scotia Power is making progress. We’re working to develop cleaner sources of electricity and establish more stable pricing. We’re increasing our use of renewable energy sources and reducing our dependence on coal, investing in reliability and customer service, and streamlining our operations so we’re working more efficiently for Nova Scotians. Some of these changes are brought on by regulation, others by customer expectations. All are the right thing to do. We’re making progress in a planned and prudent fashion, with a focus on keeping costs as low as possible for our customers.

Renewables now supply more electricity than ever before. The electrical system is more reliable. Cutting coal is reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re now halfway to the 25% reduction we’re required to achieve by 2020. Nova Scotia is the only place in North America with a hard cap reduction on carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation. There’s a lot of talk elsewhere, but real action, with real results, is happening here in Nova Scotia.

We’re providing better customer service and becoming more responsive to our customers’ needs. We are directly involving customers and municipal representatives in some of our planning processes. We’re providing open, transparent information for our customers on the internet, via social media, and through direct contact.

We’ve converted a decommissioned power plant on the Halifax waterfront into our new environmentally sustainable, energy efficient headquarters. It’s the first building in Atlantic Canada certified as LEED Platinum by the Canadian Green Building Council.

Our progress is driven by a dedicated team of 1,700 employees who work in communities from Yarmouth to Ingonish on behalf of 490,000 customers. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emera Inc., owning and maintaining $4 billion in assets throughout Nova Scotia. We supply of 95 per cent of the electricity used in the province from a diverse mix of wind, hydro, tidal, biomass, natural gas and coal. 

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